Big steps in your pharmaceutical development

Maggres-Pharma guiding your development

Our Goal

Translational medicine are nowadays primarily resulting from small biotechnology companies.

These small biotechnology companies have a strong scientific expertise , but are less development in other areas such as formulation, process and analytical development, GMP manufacture, quality control and clinical trial applications.

This is the area Maggres-pharma will add value, we will help you through all phases of development and help you reduce your time to market.

Time to Market

In pharmaceutical development it is all about time to market.

Did you know the average time from lead to commercial product is around 9 years?

For many companies the first hurdle is to bring a product to the First Time in Human clinical trials. This is a journey that has many challenges and can easily last for years.

Other companies falter at the process validation and commercialization stages.

Where ever you are, we have the proven expertise to remove your roadblock and reduce your time to market .


Maggres is a combination of two latin words Magnus and Gressus , latin for big steps ; the big steps we want to help you make in bringing your translational product to market.

Maggres-pharma is a small consultancy firm with a broad, and unique experience in early and late phase development of pharmaceutical products.

Maggres-pharma was founded to help bring transformational medicine to the market and to the patients who are most in need of them.


Big Steps in Pharmaceutical Development

What do we do

Maggres-pharma is a small consultancy firm with a broad experience in early and late phase CMC development. Maggres-pharma has been started with the aim of bringing new translational medicine to the market; to help you make big steps in your pharmaceutical development.

Translational medicine are nowadays primarily resulting from small biotechnology companies, often university spin-offs, which are highly specialized in specific areas of research. A brilliant idea leads to the discovery of a potentially translational medicine, meeting actual patients needs. However the company subsequently falters translating the brilliant, bench top, idea into a viable pharmaceutical product due to lack of development experience and pharmaceutical mindset. This can lead to an increased time to market or worse, the translational medicine may never even make it to the patient!

This is the need that Maggres-pharma intends to address; we have a strong track record of supporting small and large biotechnologies in their pharamceutical development; main areas of expertise are all activities associated with Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control:

  • Process Development
  • Analytical Development
  • Formulation Development
  • Clinical GMP Manufacturing
  • Quality and Compliance
  • Regulatory Filing and Support
  • Selection and Management of your Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations
  • Licensing, acquisition and option deals

Maggres-pharma aims to support you in all of these areas and we are very flexible to fit with your own strengths and weaknesses. As a small company we can easily tailor our approach to what is needed to help you be successful and we look forward to help you make the big steps to bring your product to market.